First Aid Kit For Kayaking

Accidents do happen, and they can be anything. You might just cut yourself slicing an avocado during lunch or you could hit your head over a rock while whitewater kayaking.

For all those reasons and more you might want to consider taking a first aid kit with you on your trips. Especially if you go out alone more often than not.

But what should you bring?

To answer this question I have made a list with the items I think are essential to bring on longer trips, or any trip for that matter.

And don't forget your boat or paddle might also need some first aid at some point! Though you should probably take a separate repair kit, with some nuts and bolts, I included some tools and items which will be helpful in an emergency situation but can also help fix your gear.

Let’s look at what’s in the kit.

What is in the Kit?

  1. A (high quality) waterproof bag to put everything in

  2. Waterproof plasters (multiple sizes)

  3. Rolled Bandages (multiple sizes)

  4. Bandage Scissors

  5. Small roll of Bandage Tape

  6. Gauze Dressings (multiple sizes)

  7. Wound closures

  8. Kiss of Life Mask

  9. Space blanket

  10. Sun screen (min 30 SPF)

  11. Triangular Bandages or Arm sling

  12. Safety pins

  13. Tweezers

  14. Latex gloves

  15. Iodine or Betadine

  16. Sterile wipes

  17. Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol (500 mg)

  18. Paper and Pencil

  19. Needle and Thread or a small sewing kit

  20. A few meters of duct tape

  21. Zip-ties

  22. A multi-tool (pliers are nice to have if you don't carry a repair kit)

  23. Pocket knife (unless the multi-tool has one/you carry a rescue knife)

  24. Waterproof matches

  25. Clean towel or cloth

  26. Some small change (keep packed separate)

  27. List of important phone numbers

Want to know more about every item and get some tips, tricks and how-to's? Watch the video in the beginning.

Download the checklist

I made a .pdf (no not a PFD) checklist you can print and keep with your first aid kit (which right away takes care of the paper!). It's recommended to check the contents of your kit before every trip and replace what you used.

Download PDF • 1.35MB

Download PDF • 1.35MB

On the checklist there is also a section to write down important phone numbers for the country or the place you are traveling. Add it to your first aid kit for when your battery runs out or you don have reception. Think emergency numbers, coast guard, weather lines etc.

First Aid Course

Of course it is important you know how to use your first aid kit properly.

Doing a quick online search will give you a broad selection of first aid courses. Some will cost you money (which might be money well spent) but there are many free courses available as well. Try and find a certified source though so the information you are getting is correct. The Red Cross offers some great courses all around the world.

What is in your kit?

Do you have items you can't do without or did I miss some essentials? Leave them in the comments below for the rest to see and learn!

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